Paper Submission

  1. The manuscript should be prepared in the following format:
  2. Title of the Paper, Name, Affiliation, Contact no. and Email address
  3. Name of the author should be in font size 12 and affiliation in font size 11
  4. Title of the paper should be in font size 16 and should be centrally aligned
  5. Abstract of approximately 500 words with 3-4 keywords at the end of the abstract
  6. Abstract should be in font size 12 (Times New Roman, 1.5 Line Spacing)
  7. The subheadings and the body of the text should be in font size 12
  8. The final paper word limit is 4000-5000 words, along with the abstract
  9. Paper should be submitted in MS-Word format
  10. All the tables and diagrams should be appropriately number and provided at the end of paper
  11. All references should follow APA style(6thedition) -